Decoded Fashion London Summit 2016

7 June 2016

by Isabelle Ohnemus

Decoded Fashion London Summit 2016

The speech of Lynn Murray, the Director of Digital Anthropology Lab at the London College of Fashion/

Drama is what you expect from fashion events in Milan, New York, and London. They are places where the creations speak for themselves and mouths often open in awe.

Decoded Fashion Summit in London was a very different industry event. Like EyeFitU, Decoded is a place where fashion and technology combine. It’s where decision makers in fashion, beauty, and retail meet emerging and established tech companies – who together are quickly and quietly shaping how style is communicated and sold in the future.

The two day summit featured a series of inspiring talks from industry pioneers addressing the key challenges facing brands and retailers in 2016 and beyond.

The partnership between Fashion and Technology

Fashion and innovative technology doesn’t always result in the space-age fashion on show at London Science Museum’s recent Couture in Orbit. The partnership of fashion and tech handles smaller but still important issues that affect the way brands and fashionistas connect through services. EyeFitU developed an algorithm that takes all the different sizing tables from different countries and brands into accounts as well as the users’ individual measurements, in order to create personalised sizing suggestions for each user in each brand.
Technology and fashion combine allowing fashion lovers to enjoy the shopping experience, without worrying about sizing.

The personalisation of customer experience

Lynn Murray, the Director of Digital Anthropology Lab at the London College of Fashion, explains that while, “the pace of change in this industry is staggering… for the future we must consider the user for innovating technology. We cannot innovate for technology’s sake”. One of the largest challenges today is how to personalise the customer experience online and instore. As an omni-channel shopping assistant, users can make quick decisions by reviewing size guides in-store or checking which garments are available before rushing to the sales.

The power of Instagram

One of the most inspiring talks was by Amy Cole, Instagram’s seventh Employee and head of brand development EMEA. According to Amy, Instagram has become “a visual pulse on the world” – and of course, we all know that means the fashion world. Now everyone can follow in the path of trendspotter and fashion photographer extraordinaire Bill Cunningham, sharing their unique view of high street fashion and creating their own style. Via Instagram, Amy reported, trends are picked up through real time hashtags, not weekly spreads in the New York Times and our creativity and passion is inspiring us to keep up! Now consumers are living and breathing fashion, retailers have to do the same. According to Pia Stanchina, Google’s Industry Manager for Fashion and Luxury Retail, “retailers need to be editors, stylists and analysts” to stand out from the crowd.

Instagram shows us how fashion is no longer a top down industry but a collaborative community of designers, retailers, services, and shoppers. It truly is a very exciting time to be a part of the global village of digital fashion.