Size Unknown

23 March 2016

by Isabelle Ohnemus

Size Unknown

Do you really know what size you are? Today, women are familiar with being a size 6 in one store, for example, a size 8 in another, and in a third, a size 10. Indeed, a woman with a 27-inch waist is classified as between a size 8 and 10 in Marc Jacobs’ high-end line, yet in Chico’s boutiques, she’d be the newfound size 000. This is not to mention disparities in the lengths of apparent same sizes too. When it comes to menswear brands, they are also at odds with each other (and their displayed measurements) – common brands of slacks have been tested and were found to have measurements up to 2-3 inches larger than the indicated size.

Every brand uses their own system of sizing and each country has different size ‘standards’ too. A size 8 woman in the UK, for instance, would be a size 4 in the USA, a 7 in Japan, and a 36 in France to name just a few. Just like perfecting the styles they’re known for, designers and brands are free to decide upon their own sizing rules.

Whilst every designer has the task to size as they see fit, the lack of standardisation can be problematic for shoppers. In fact, sizing variations are a huge contributor to the $194 billion in clothing purchases returned, according to the National Retail Federation. Thanks to non-regulated sizing, more than 8% of all clothing purchases are returned. When it comes to ecommerce, this increases to a shocking 40-50% – no one is a stranger to purchasing two or sometimes even three sizes of the same item to try on at home. However, the pain of returns for consumers shouldn’t be underestimated. Although a shopper may choose to buy a dress in two sizes (often because free returns are advertised), this doesn’t take away from the time lost during the return process. As time becomes a luxury for more of us, whether returns are free or not, they can still be off-putting.

Considering the discrepancies of sizing, EyeFitU’s sizing algorithm is a must-have for shoppers globally. The same can be said for brands themselves. Currently, the growth of ecommerce is steady and is opening up a global audience for brands, shops and designers alike. However, the industry misses out as it’s revealed that the risk associated with buying the wrong size scares people from purchasing online. EyeFitU makes the customer less scared. The app’s benefits exceed customers’ ease, also having the potential to grow the fashion ecommerce industry at large. Both brands and shoppers now have access to global shops, so the app increases opportunity.

If, like us, you wish to look in multiple shops, at an array of brands’ offerings, in store and online, then say hello to the app of the season (and beyond). Improving the way you can shop, EyeFitU allows you to find and buy the perfect size instantly, with the complex algorithm within the app providing a solution for sizing. Don’t waste your time shopping around unnecessarily – see and shop only what is relevant to you.

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