The Simple Sale Shopping Guide

6 June 2016

by Isabelle Ohnemus

The Simple Sale Shopping Guide

If there’s one thing shopaholics love more than shopping, it’s sale shopping. Now we know most of you are experts in the field, but it’s always good to brush up your skills and perfect your, ahem, talent.

With EyeFitU, you have access to the sales of hundreds of retailers – amazing, we know! In fact, we’re the only app in the world that allows you to shop brands and garments in your size only. So if you’re planning some serious sale shopping this season, here’s a little guide from the insiders on where to start…

Step 1. Buy the right size.

Size matters. Yes, it sounds obvious but don’t waste time sifting through sale rails or visiting too many different websites. Buying the wrong size will never be a good thing so let us do the hard work for you. Use EyeFitU to guide you and tailor your sale search to suit you. It’s simple to shop your size! Plus, you’ll never miss out on a bargain again – you can see sale pieces, in your size, in one place.

Step 2. Get specific with EyeFitU’s filters.

Bag the best bargains around by having in mind what you really want. Looking for a summer dress for your friend’s wedding next month? Then take a targeted approach – take advantage of EyeFitU’s easy filters and personalise the category, designer or store you’re browsing. If you’re shopping for fun, then browse all!

The Simple Sale Shopping Guide

Step 3. Have fun and shop with no regrets!

Usually when it comes to sales shopping, the advice is to be disciplined (as impossible as that sounds when it comes to fashion). However, EyeFitU means you’ll only ever see what’s available in your size. So enjoy the fun of an impulse purchase… or ten! And if you spot the dress of your dreams, don’t hang around for further reductions. Sale pieces can sell out fast so if it’s the one for you, shop now, not later.

Step 4. Online is the place to be.

Shopping online during sale season is the best idea, ever. It’s nuisance-free wherever you are and ensures you have access to everything in one place – click and compare the best sales out there. What’s more, you can avoid stuffy changing rooms and the hassle of carrying everything back home. Using EyeFitU turns you into the savviest shopper around; stores, brands and garments are at your fingertips, and you’ll only ever see what’s available in your size. No time wasted.

Step 5. Shop for your loved ones.

Last but not least? Spare a quick thought for your friends and family. If you’re now super sale savvy, why not purchase that cute tee that will look great on your sister, or those new season jeans in your boyfriend’s size? EyeFitU’s handy Multi-Profile asset means you can shop for the whole gang. Think of upcoming birthdays and events and enjoy treating others – along with yourself, of course!

Happy simple sale shopping…