Why I founded EyeFitU

23 March 2016

by Isabelle Ohnemus

Why I founded EyeFitU

Imagine style without size

That’s a concept I hope actually isn’t too far off imagining. EyeFitU is the world’s first app to help you find and buy your perfect size every time. Whether making a quick dash to the shops in your lunch break to pick up those jeans you’ve been eyeing up, or not having to purchase three different sizes of the dress you’ve fallen in love with online ‘just in case’, EyeFitU ensures you’ll get the size right, first time.

I regularly get asked why I founded EyeFitU, so what better way to launch our blog than by telling the story behind the app?

In a nutshell, I was fed up with complicated sizes, lengthy (and sometimes expensive) returns processes, plus the complicated apps already on the market. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an easier way – a simple to use, personalised shopping and sizing app. I wondered why there wasn’t something I could have in my pocket (or on the device of my choice) that offered fashion exploration, plus the efficiency of a sizing tool all integrated in one place.

And so it came about that I was (and still am) my own client. The vision for the EyeFitU platform came easily; like many women juggling a family and a demanding work schedule, time can be a luxury. No one wants to be searching through too many different websites and apps, only to purchase the wrong size and then have to deal with the hassle of returns (and annoyance of more time wasted). What’s more, as a mother of three daughters, adding the options for multiple profiles was a must. I’ve crucially solved the problem of gift shopping within the same app you’ll be using time and time again for yourself.

Focus on the fun of shopping

If we take away the complication of unregulated sizing, customers can have fun again. Shoppers like myself can choose the items that catch their eye without a second thought concerning bustling changing room queues or when you’ll ever have chance to return the items that weren’t right. Take away the distraction of sizes and potential return issues and enjoy discovering hot new trends, street style looks that push the boundaries and the latest catwalk inspiration. I wanted EyeFitU to incorporate this all onto one platform.

My initial focus was to offer customers, of all shapes and sizes, recommendations that are as precise as possible. My team and I developed an algorithm; we’ve put together sizing recommendations that take into account complicated data from brands’ size charts, combines statistical data from over 200,000 body measurements, includes our users’ measurements, plus their sizing preferences in the brands they know. This offers a wealth of size data, which only improves in accuracy and grows with further customer size information. For you as a customer, you’ll only need to input your details once and will then find your perfect size every time. The system is simple to use and only takes a few seconds as you input data such as age, height and weight. If you wish, you can input your measurements too. We can present shoppers with personalised sizing suggestions per brand – like a digital personal shopper.

Another factor I love to shout about regarding the creation of EyeFitU is that the app is perfect for savvy shoppers or those hunting a bargain. After all, the only thing better than finding your dream dress is finding your dream dress in the sale! Think about it – shoppers can benefit from every single sale from a large range of famous fashion labels and the coolest online stores, all on one app.

Fashion has always been a part of me

Before EyeFitU, my background spans personal styling, fashion and also finance! I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I understand competition within the industry. Not only this, but I’d seen firsthand what it takes to build a business. For me, there are different challenges in the industry, and fast changing shopping behaviours (including those of myself) are keeping retailers on their toes. There are so many online shops and channels to browse and buy, a list so vast it can become overwhelming when you’re pushed for time. Despite uncountable choices, the fun is taken out of shopping with the hassle of different return processes and, of course, complicated sizing structures.

I was motivated to capture the essence of this changing industry and user behaviour. Essentially, I wanted to make it easier for potential customers to get access, feel included, and be connected to international online stores. We’ve been shopping wherever we are for some time now, be it from the comfort of your living room or on the daily commute. Never, though, has sizing been at the forefront.

It was impossible to think about creating a fashion app and platform without having a solution for sizing. I simply had to address one of the largest problems in the ecommerce business – in fact, that was at the core of my overall vision. It’s what spurred me on. In order for customers to enjoy the benefit and thrill of easy worldwide shopping, the confusing variances in designer and country specific sizing structures had to be overcome. Once my team and I had achieved an accurate algorithm to do this, the name of my app came into its own. EyeFitU – the eye of the app will tell you the perfect fit.

I always envisaged EyeFitU as a glocal platform. This way, customers benefit from the best of both worlds as the app not only enables you to shop in global online stores but also promotes local designers and trends. I wanted to create one space where everyone can explore their fashion sense, finding the mix and match wardrobe that’s right for them. EyeFitU works because I’ve focused on the way millennials now shop and what they shop for in today’s changing economy.

Devote time to style, not size

I incorporated my mission directly into the brand name – it is how you see yourself in your clothes that determines the size that fits you. I’m bringing the masses a safe, personalised platform where customers can devote their shopping time to fashion, exploring exciting new brands and finding style inspiration from across the globe. In my opinion, gone are the days where dealing with sizing issues has to ruin this experience.

Like anyone building a business, I strive to improve the platform as we learn and grow. When it comes to future plans, I’m so excited for the potential. There’s such growth to be a part of; last year the online fashion market was estimated at €144bn, which represents only 12% of the fashion industry at large. Seeing as ecommerce players experience an average return rate at 40-50% caused by sizing issues, there’s certainly a need for EyeFitU.

I wish to inspire customers like you, build confidence in brands and improve the experience of online shopping as a whole. Now, you can focus on style not size.