EyeFitU offers sizing solutions to fashion retailers and apparel brands through its SizeEngine™ AI Platform

Increase conversions, reduce returns and personalize shopping experiences, all powered by data and Machine Learning

Affordable price.
Winning conditions.

EyeFitU size and fit finder helps businesses of every size — from small local stores to iconic brands

EyeFitU SizeEngine™ offers
  • Low-cost trial period
  • Affordable setup fee
  • Billing only for unique users
  • Customized design
  • Features without the extra fees
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Other solutions on the market
  • Full price from the start
  • Costly setup fee
  • Revenue share
  • Limited customization
  • Extra fees

Fast and smooth.

EyeFitU's SizeEngine™ seamlessly integrates into major e-commerce platforms as well as custom developed ones


Send us your size guides in any format


We configure the best solution for the whole product line


Add script on your website and feed it with data about product


Cohesive onboarding from EyeFitU’s engineering team to ensure end to end integration


Check the test links and confirm us you’re happy


After quality assuarance we’ll push EyeFitU SizeFinder™ live to your site


Track wonderful results


We provide you with size and behavioral analytics

  • Shopify
  • Oracle
  • WooCommerce
  • & many more...

How it works

Customers share personal information

Patented algorithm Machine Learning


Customers get size recommendations through quick onboarding

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Personalized imaging of garment fit

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Virtual Size Charts

Integration of garment attributes and sizing

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Size Analytics

Aggregated data on customers including behavioural analytics

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  • 10 seconds on-boarding in a few clicks
  • No need to know a size in another brand
  • We respect each brand’s sizing
  • Our secret sauce then assigns detailed measurements per customer
  • All with Swiss precision
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SizeFinder™ Features

Detailed measurements

The algorithmic deducted body measurements can be personalised by each shopper. Collect insightful data on your customer’s body measurements.

Multiple profiles

Enable your customers to shop for their loved ones allowing them to gift with no returns. Seamless switch from one profile to another. Gather more data and new customers!


Matches users’ size and fit preferences using intuitive visualization. This increases confidence and motivates shoppers to buy the right size in their personal style.

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Fit visualization increases conversion rate and basket size

How we get the sizing right

Multi-parameter algorithm supporting numerous measurements

Largest statistical database of body measurements by geographical region

User Generated Data & Machine Learning

Apparel and footwear

Virtual size charts

Ability to accommodate changing size charts


Support detailed measurements. Precise body shape modelling

Size charts

Agile algorithm accommodates sizing information, cuts and styles

Statistical data base

200k+ body scanned measures

Seamless Omnichannel User Experience

Solving the sizing problem across all shopping experiences


By encouraging your customers to create size profiles when shopping in store you’re engaging with them across all channels, fostering a more personalized relationship and gaining valuable data points.


In-Store Shop Assistant sizing support. Hands-on clienteling on tablet, desktop or mobile app. Help shop assistants give the most personalized experience for the in-store shopper.

Smart Mirror

Fully compatible with smart mirrors. Enable customers in fitting rooms to create their size profile supporting the advantages of bringing online shopping into the physical stores. Enhance their personal experience through size recommendations.

QR Code Reader

QR code reader integration into retailer's app enables customer to create a size profile in-store.

A size profile of your customer created in store will sync across all channels.

Mobile & Desktop

Today’s shoppers expect sites to perform flawlessy across all mobile devices and EyeFitU is engineered with that experience in mind.

3D body scan compatible

Integrate body measurements derived from mobile camera based body scanners and body scanners. Possible integration with all the major 3D scanning vendors.


Access to a state-of-the-art interface platform for apparel brands and fashion retailers. The data is customizable and aggregated. It provides customers insights on size and behavioral analytics. Turn data into actionable insights for smarter marketing, inventory management, cross-selling and manufacturing.

What do our clients say?

EyeFitU is the perfect solution to these everyday daily shopping struggles, which you can see for referencing to get the perfect size for you across multiple fashion retailers.

Carl Thompson / The Solution to Men’s Sizing Issues, published 18th June 2017

Reference client

WOLACO (Way of Life Athletic Co.) is a performance apparel brand based in New York City. They specialize in compression gear with sweat-proof pockets for both men and women.

Some Achievements we’re proud of...

Digital Shaper in the category Transformers by Le Temps and BILANZ Wirtschaftsmagazin, 2019

Featured in Deutsche Unternehmerbörse Magazine, 2019

Selected for Bilan’s list of 50 companies to invest in, 2018

Winner of Loomish Fashion Innovation Award, 2018

Red Herring Europe Top 100 Companies Winner, 2017

Finalist: Best App & Best Use of Innovation by Drapers Digital Awards, 2017

Featured in Taff Livestream (ProSieben), 2017

Presenting on main stage at NOAH17 in Berlin, 2017

Winner at NOAH16 London Startup, 2016

Featured startup at the Web Summit in Lisbon, 2016

Top App with FashInvest, 2015

Top App with FashNerd, NYC, 2015

Winner of the 2nd Nouvo Award (lift Conference), 2015