WOLACO is an active, premium and innovative apparel brand, designed for the modern athlete and ambitious millennial who is very aware of the importance of taking care of themselves.

In the heighborhood of TriBeCa, New York, the WOLACO concept was conceived as a solution to modern day deficiencies in fitness apparel. Carrying an iPhone during exercise should be effortless, and keeping your valuables safe and dry should be an option. WOLACO developed a product that solved these seemingly obvious shortcomings. Their signature product, the North Moore Short was a solution to this downfall.

Their mission: to elevate the modern athlete by creating apparel for people who embrace the challenges of their environment and tackle them head-on. WOLACO empowers personal growth through an active way of life.

The Challenge

There are a consistent number of questions from customers around sizing. Before EyeFitU, customers were sending a lot of emails with questions about the size charts and if there was anything they could refer to.

This raised a big challenge for WOLACO, because they didn’t have enough employees to answer all these questions in time — which in turn delayed the orders and deliveries.

The Solution

EyeFitU’s solution enables WOLACO to answer a lot questions through its tool on the website. This in turn improves the customer journey, provides the opportunity to switch to different products, and at the same time keep the settings of your measurements.

This way, WOLACO can continue to recommend the perfect size and decrease the barrier to increase the number of purchases.

Why EyeFitU?

The collaboration was very pleasant. The team has been very attentive, hands-on and helpful, and they did everything to get WOLACO started as smoothly as possible. They are constantly reaching out to us and offering their help. That’s the number one thing that you want with a digital service on your website. The team has been fantastic.

It was extremely easy to implement the tool and get onboarded. It has massively decreased the number of emails with questions about the sizing. WOLACO only receives great feedback from their customers.

Another great result that WOLACO has achieved with EyeFitU is that they were able to decrease the number of returns, which has never before been lower than it currently is.

“We’re grateful that we started working with EyeFitU early on, and it’s great to work with them together in a partnership.”

— Linley Shaw, Senior Manager, Community and Growth

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