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SizeEngine™ AI Platform

We offer patented sizing solutions to empower fashion retailers and brands to increase conversions, create personalization at scale and reduce returns. Our solution is powered by Machine Learning and enhanced by Advanced Analytics to drive your success

What We Provide

  • Increase your conversions, sales and average basket sizes

  • Reduce customer returns

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Insightful data (size and behavioural analytics)

How We Deliver

  • SizeFinder™

    Customer get size recommendations throught quick onboarding

  • SizeVisualizer™

    Personalized imaging of garment fit

  • Fit Preference

    Visual engagement technology

  • Advanced Analytics

    Aggregated data on customers including behavioural analytics

how it works


  • Shopify
  • Oracle
  • WooCommerce

& many more...

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