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Using Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, we empower apparel brands and retailers

How We Get the Sizing Right

  • Your customers share their personal information

  • Our multi-parameter algorithm supports numerous measurements

  • We have the largest statistical database of body measurements by geographical region

  • Our patented algorithm is powered by Machine Learning


  • Detailed measurements can be personalised by each shopper. Match user size and fit preferences using intuitive visualization
  • Multiple profiles enable your customers to shop for others
  • Access to a state-of-the-art interface platform for apparel brands and fashion retailers
  • Omnichannel user experience with in-store ContactlessSizing™ enables sizing support for shop assistants, smart mirror compatibility, and a QR code integration to the retailer’s app
  • 3D Body scan compatible


  • Collect insightful data from across all channels on your customer’s body measurements, fit preferences and garment choices
  • Turn data into actionable insights for smarter marketing, inventory management, cross-selling and manufacturing
  • Increase your conversion rate and basket size
  • Provide a more personalised experience for the shopper, both online and in-store


EyeFitU’s SizeEngine™ seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms and POS systems

  • Send us your size guides in any format

  • We provide you with a script to add on your website

  • You test and we do the quality assurance before going live

  • You track results as we provide you with our advanced analytics

Omnichannel User Experience

The sizing solution that helps your clients find the right fit across all channels, while providing you with a 360° customer view.

  • In-store

    By encouraging your customers to create size profiles when shopping in-store, you foster a more personalized relationship.

  • Clientelling

    Our in-store sizing support enables shop assistants to provide hands-on clientelling on a tablet, desktop or mobile app.

  • Smart Mirror

    Our system is fully compatible with smart mirrors. Offer size recommendations to your customers in fitting rooms.

  • QR Code

    Our QR code reader integration into retailer apps enables your customers to create their own size profile in-store as they shop.

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