Using Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, we empower fashion brands and retailers

How We Get the Sizing Right

  • Your customers share their personal information

  • Our multi-parameter algorithm supports numerous measurements

  • We have the largest statistical database of body measurements by geographical region

  • Our patented algorithm is powered by Machine Learning


  • Detailed measurements can be personalised by each shopper. Match user size and fit preferences using intuitive visualization
  • Multiple profiles enable your customers to shop for others
  • Access to a state-of-the-art interface platform for apparel brands and fashion retailers
  • Omnichannel user experience with in-store ContactlessSizing™ enables sizing support for shop assistants, smart mirror compatibility, and a QR code integration to the retailer’s app
  • 3D Body scan compatible


  • Collect insightful data from across all channels on your customer’s body measurements, fit preferences and garment choices
  • Turn data into actionable insights for smarter marketing, inventory management, cross-selling and manufacturing
  • Increase your conversion rate and basket size
  • Provide a more personalised experience for the shopper, both online and in-store


EyeFitU’s SizeEngine™ seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms and POS systems

  • Send us your size guides in any format

  • We provide you with a script to add on your website

  • You test and we do the quality assurance before going live

  • You track results as we provide you with our advanced analytics

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