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Join hundreds of brands globally with our award-winning platform

What We Provide

  • Increase your conversions, sales and average basket sizes

  • Reduce customer returns

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Insightful data (size and behavioural analytics)

Increase your AOV, conversion rates, customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing your return rates


  • Conversion rate +15%
  • Average Order Value +45%
  • Total Revenue Generated +45%
  • Size Widget Usage +30%
  • Returns Decrease -55%


EyeFitU’s SizeEngine™ seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms and POS systems

  • Send us your size guides in any format. Or we automatically scrape all size tables and product data from your website

  • We inject a custom script that is compatible with any e-commerce platform. No developer required

  • We push updates to a testing environment, review with you and push live. Minimal operational load added to your team

  • You track EyeFitU influence on Conversion rates, AOV and engagement as we provide you with our analytics

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