We help apparel retailers increase online conversions, reduce returns and optimize production with the power of AI and data.

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SizeEngine™ AI Platform

Our SizeEngine™ increases personalization and consumer confidence which leads to an increase in online conversions, a reduction in return rates and increase profitability.

Lowering return rates has a direct impact on sustainability efforts resulting in less transportation, reconditioning, waste and better inventory management and fulfilment costs.

Our advanced analytics covering customers anthropometric measurements and behavior enables manufacturing optimization.

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  • Conversion rate: +15%
  • Average Order Value: +45%
  • Total Revenue Generated: +45%
  • Size Widget Usage: +30%
  • Returns Decrease: +55%

Transparent and affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes

Compatible with any e-commerce platform

EyeFitU SaaS solution

  • Low-complexity integration with dedicated team
  • Low-cost trial period
  • Affordable setup fee
  • Billing only for users using the service
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Other solutions on the market

  • Slow and complex integration
  • Costly setup fee
  • Revenue share
  • Extra fees
  • High fixed price

What We Provide

State of the art technology with Swiss precision that can be implemented & generate ROI within only 7 days.

  • Increase your conversions, sales and average basket sizes

  • Reduce customer returns

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Insightful data (size and behavioural analytics)

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How We Deliver

Our solution is powered by Machine Learning and enhanced by Advanced Analytics to drive your success.
Our unique SaaS platform has direct integrations with our partners Oracle, Shopify and WooCommerce.

  • SizeFinder™

    Customer get size recommendations through quick onboarding

  • SizeVisualizer™

    Personalized imaging of garment fit

  • Fit Preference

    Visual engagement technology

  • Advanced Analytics

    Aggregated data on customers including behavioural analytics

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