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BLACKTIE enables people to own high-quality, stylish, and well-fitted tuxedos, suits, and formal accessories for the same price as renting one. This way you can always be the star of the party, not just for one night.

BLACKTIE was founded in 2018 and are now in the scale-up phase. Customers love them (rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 3,000+ reviews); and now it’s time to scale further and extend their audience.

Brides & grooms shouldn’t have to settle for a used hand-me-down garment on one of the most important days of their lives. BLACKTIE’s main purpose is that guys can be confident and feel like they “own the room” on their special day.

The Challenge

BLACKTIE launched their website in 2018. At that time they noticed that customers loved the styling of their products, but one of the main concerns was answering the question “What size should I take?”

It appeared that the current size chart on the BLACKTIE website wasn’t fully answering these questions, as they took a lot of time to answer.

Instead, they started looking for a tool that could help ease people’s minds when it comes to sizing.

The Solution

EyeFitU offered a SizeFinder, allowing customers to receive recommendations by answering a few basic questions about themselves.

At the same time, customers can immediately see how the clothes and the different sizes will fit their body: wide, tight or normal. This way, the customer gets personalized advice around the size that suits their body best, and as a result helps them make the right decision.

Why EyeFitU?

EyeFitU had a clean visual widget which allowed users to get accurate sizing recommendations. In the backend, it helps BLACKTIE to map their garment’s individual measurements to EyeFitU’s sizing algorithm. Once completed, we had a useful tool that customers could use whem selecting their formal wear.

Blacktie logo

“EyeFitU was very helpful and responsive during the evaluation stage and onboarding. They did everything to give us a great kickstart!”

— Christopher Cardi, CEO

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