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HEAD finds the Perfect Fit, Partnering with EyeFitU

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“Our return rate decreased by over 35%”.

“More than 25% of EyeFitU users are buying”.

“EyeFitU is a reliable and trusted data ally that will positively impact HEAD’s financial performance”.

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HEAD, an Austrian based global manufacturer and retailer of sports equipment and clothing, has been live with the EyeFitU SizeEngine™ since February 2022.

With size and fit presenting a significant challenge to buying clothing and footwear online, integrating the EyeFitU SizeEngine™ into the HEAD e-commerce platform answers the eternal question “will it fit me?”.

Powered by advanced AI, data analytics, and Machine Learning, together with one of the industry’s largest and most diverse data set, the EyeFitU SizeEngine™ enhances the shopping experience by taking the guesswork out of shopping online, and providing customers with the confidence to choose the right size and fit every time.

Roman Stepek, Vice President, Head Sportswear

“We’ve seen more than 25% of the widget users are buying and simultaneously our return rate decreased by over 35%.”

— Roman Stepek, Vice President, HEAD Sportswear

Ease of integration is of paramount importance with no place for the traditional challenges posed by third-party integrations, especially given the volume of transactions faced by a global company like HEAD, as Roman Stepek observes:In addition, we didn’t have to use any of our own IT resources to implement the widget. The team at EyeFitU did all the integration for us providing us with tips and ideas for us to get the most out of their sizing solution for our customers.

HEAD is also leveraging EyeFitU’s data including anthropometric and behavioural analytics to improve fit consistency, which develops customer insights while feeding data back into the value chain optimising supply, production, inventory, and merchandising functions.

Expanding upon the collaboration with HEAD, Isabelle Ohnemus Founder and CEO of EyefitU expresses the importance of brands finding a size and fit data partner:In the upcoming years, as competition intensifies across all levels of the industry, maintaining margins and extracting unnecessary costs attributable to inefficiencies in the supply chain, along with minimising returns, will become an imperative. In partnering with EyeFitU, HEAD has a reliable and trusted data ally that will positively impact HEAD’s financial performance well into the future.

By adding the all-important size and fit to the customer data set EyeFitU will be instrumental in assisting HEAD to enhance its competitive response to what is fast becoming the new normal - hyper-personalization of the shopping experience.

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